ARK LiTHIUM BALANCE’s BMSs have also been used in countless e-scooters, two & three wheelers , Golf Cart These electric vehicles run on 48V NMC batteries, managed by our s-BMS for longevity, performance, safety and run on a 48V battery with 60Ah NMC cells and utilize the s-BMS with great success.

Key Features

  • Support CAN communication, read battery information.
  • Support UART communication, read battery information, online firmware upgrade function
  • Support 4 external temperature collection, have 4pcs temperature line
  • Coulomb electricity calculation, accurate display of electricity, and equipped with power learning function
  • Intelligent dynamic balancing
  • Support record data storage
  • Support on/off switch function(Default don’t have it)
  • Support external expansion of PC tool, Bluetooth or LCD.